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Artist Statement

My earliest memories are the nuances of light and the vibrational experiences of color.

A sliver of light skittering across a woven rug in a cool darkened room.

The coolness of tender green grass almost wilting under the warmth of a spring sun.


My interests are creating atmospheres of light with color.  The figures in this space come and go as if in a dream.  

Each work encapsulates its own motive vibration which is going through the changes on its way towards chromatic harmony.  

The newest work is exploring subtleties of distilling these relationships through building a history with layers of paint and then excavating the surface with spontaneous mark making creating sgraffito.  

Rarely do I begin with an idea in mind.  Sense memory is a doorway through which the images emerge while working intuitively.

Ruth Hunter - Portland Artist

I am originally from Dallas, Texas and have developed my painting as a working artist on the east coast for over 25 years.  I have recently relocated to Portland and find the light and energy here inspirational.  


photo credit: Raymond Chorneau