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Artist Statement

There are people who are really good at writing artist statements.  It’s never been clear to me how one developes the voice for such a thing.  But god bless ‘em anyway...
I remain circumspect to this obvious distraction.  

What I know is, painting is fueled by the coming of each new day... the possibility of contact with something beyond myself... the possibility that my eyes will be opened.        In the end, how is this satisfied?  One of the things that I have found more reliable than ideas is sense memory.  

The process itself has evolved over the past 25 years.  The choices that I make have distilled over time.  The path that I’m on has never been more sure.  If there is a hand of design at work it is to gain access to what my heart knows about what my mind remembers.
Saying any more than that would be saying less.  Even though, there is one word left that I don’t have a sentence for.......icecreamcone.                                                                      

Ruth Hunter - Portland Artist


photo credit: Raymond Chorneau