Artist Statement

" Each of your works makes me vibrate the strings of my senses and my soul. I love your pictorial world. "  - Massimo


Painting is inspired by the coming of each new day, as it brings with it the possibility of contact with something beyond myself.  

I start with mark making.  Mark making is primary to the process.  It is the language I invent to tell my story but without words.  It is the way I stay present in the process of layering which also includes the building up and breaking down of surfaces under which figures emerge.  

My use of color is a search for the light that lives inside of me, the subtle traces of experience remembered.  My intention is to convey the luminosity drawn from the muted, shadowy tones of color by balancing the contrasts warm and cool.. light and dark.. all subtle and acute. 

There is as much give and take with the brush as the day is long.  I struggle, I grasp, I surrender.  And in the end, what arrives is a gift.

Ruth Hunter - Portland Artist


photo credit: Raymond Chorneau