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Preparing for Stormy Weather & Others..

Cannon Beach - ruth hunter studio

In September I went to Cannon Beach for a few was a lovely little break from routine and the studio.  The ocean - lovely, the light - enthralling, the town -  quaint as ever.  I love to go there when I get the chance.  

Actually, I was encouraged to visit by the gracious Jane Brumfield owner of Imprint Gallery who wanted to see my oil pastel on cotton rag paintings up close.  We chatted about the work, the gallery (which is absolutely beautiful!) and the upcoming group exhibition "& Others".  

I am super excited that Jane has chosen nine 12x12" works on paper to include in the show opening which also corresponds with the Stormy Weather Festival held on Friday and Saturday November 1 and 2 from 5:30 to 7:30.  The group show will be up until December 1st.

I will be hanging my work with really talented figurative artists that I have been admiring for some time now and can't wait to see how Jane curates the show!

imprint gallery fine art - ruth hunter studio

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