Dreaming I Am A Bird | Original Artwork by Ruth Hunter | Figure/Bird in Pink Atmosphere

New Beginnings - New Year!

Is anyone else relieved that 2020 is over?  2021 is well underway and, already, I feel lighter...more optimistic.

Magic Carpet | Original Figurative Artwork by Ruth Hunter | two figures sitting on a gold carpet

Magic Carpet

Painting has always been a refuge for me in times of uncertainty.  I am grateful that I have been able to focus solely on painting throughout the Covid19 pandemic in the past year and even now..I am still creating new work.  

Looking back, many wonderful things happened that have laid the groundwork for new opportunities on both a personal and professional level.  

  • I joined The Artist Support Pledge in the spring of 2020.  A movement started by Mathew Burrows Studio as a way for artists to support one another during the pandemic.  I have gotten to know many new artists (and art lovers!) who have supported me and, in turn, I have gotten to  support others artists that I admire.  To find out more about how to support me in this effort and find some affordable little gems... visit The Artist Support Pledge.  

Cool "Unboxing" Video for my Works on Paper!

  • My gallery, Imprint Gallery, rebranded into Brumfield Gallery and relocated from Cannon Beach to Astoria, Oregon last summer.  Mike & Jane secured a beautiful new space on Marine Drive.  I am pleased and excited to announce that I will be having an exhibition of new paintings July - August this year!  Check out these new works on paper currently available.  
Woman In A Grove | Framed Original Artwork by Ruth Hunter | Brumfield Gallery - Astoria Oregon                 Spring Song | Framed Original Artwork by Ruth Hunter | Brumfield Gallery - Astoria Oregon                Rose Light | Framed Original Artwork by Ruth Hunter | Brumfield Gallery - Astoria Oregon  
   Woman In A Grove                    Spring Song                           Rose Light
  • I did a fun interview recently with my friend Benjamin McCarthy of Dream Shark on his new Youtube series Explorers Podcast.  Ben is a talented artist and musician who interviews other creatives whom he admires to find out what makes creative people from all disciplines do what we love.  In our conversation, we dove deep into how sense memory informs my painting!  Grab a snack and give it a watch...tell me in the comments what you think..  I would love to hear from you.

Wishing everyone a healthy, safe & abundant year!

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