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Happiness is....

Ruth Hunter Studio sorting color   Ruth Hunter Studio painting canvas

Every so often in must re-evaluate what happiness is.  If only to discover what it definitely is not...

Creating a new website is hard.  I have learned a lot and I'm still learning!  I'm not the most tech savvy so it is a bit confusing and totally frustrating.  At one point, I honestly thought my head was going to explode...seriously!

But..ALAS!...I am finally finished....for the time being..apart from tidying up a few loose ends ...YIKES! another learning curve!

Now that the new Ruth Hunter Studio website has launched..YAY!..I can honestly say that happiness is a glorious pile of paint, extra long filbert brushes and light...lovely, luminous light.

Stay tuned...there is more new work coming soon!



If you are reading this and you are one of the lucky ones that technology is not confusing and have some suggestions that would help alleviate my lack of understanding of all things "techie" all means drop a line!

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